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McLaren F1

Power, pace and peerless quality, the legendary F1 is a technological masterpiece. The fastest production car of its time. The finest sports car of its generation. For many, the greatest supercar ever built.

1988, the year where it all begann. McLaren’s formula team had just won 15 out of 16 races. After this dominant season they decided it was time for more, so they moved on beyond their current program aspiring to build the finest road car currently possible. A type of ‘no compromise’ road car with the highest power to weight ratio but nonetheless be somewhat usable in the everyday life.

To be the kind of car McLaren wanted it to be, then technical director of McLaren Gordon Murray and stylist Peter Stevens realised the car had to be small, built with only the lightest components available at that time and with a naturally aspirated BMW V12-engine at its heart. Gordon Murray himself insisted on using a naturally aspirated engine to increase reliability and driver control. Murray initially wanted the V12 from the McLaren/Honda Formula 1 cars, but they refused so he ended up working with the motorsport division of BMW.

To continue the high performing factor they had in the motor into the body of the car, they decided produce almost the whole body out of carbon fiber reinforced polymer, short CFRP. Built in a monocoque chassis, where the bodywork serves as the only structural member. the lightweight of the car was guaranteed

It took 4 years to develop the car that made its debut at a launch show at The Sporting Club in Monaco, 28 May 1992. A hefty sticker price of 800’000$ was asked of its future owners. being built until 1998 a total of 106 cars were produced.

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